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Etilaam is Etizest’s biggest pharmaceutical competitor on the market. The two brands a very well known and distributed as pharmaceuticals in countries where etizolam is approved via prescription.

Etilaam 1 and Etilaam 1 MD and manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals LTD; an Indian company with good reputation and high quality standards. Our researchers often choose between Etilaam and Etizest and many have their own preferred brands but essentially, both products have equal levels of the active ingredient.

Is Etilaam better than Etizest?

Our researchers are split over which brand they prefer. Both Intas and Coscern Pharmaceuticals are well known companies. Each researcher will have their own opinions. Some say Etizest is better whereas, others say Etilaam is better.

The biggest factor is purity of the pill. Both manufacturers have to follow rigorous standards in the pharmaceutical industry. By law, each batch must have a minimum of 80% of the listed active ingredient. The active ingredient must have pharmaceutical grade (99%+). Most batches of Etilaam have + or – 10% of pharmaceutical grade etizolam with a mix of approved binders and fillers. This means some batches might have a very marginal amount less than 1 mg of etizolam but generally, most batches are pretty close.

The problem is a lot of USA vendors selling Etilaam for research applications buy these pellets from third party Indian companies who buy bad or rejected batches. The batch could be underpowered and rejected before it leaves the factory meaning the end researcher may get a much less pure Etilaam pill. Or, these third party vendors might buy Etilaam that is expired and since the pharmaceutical company cannot sell them, these third party companies get it at a greatly discounted rate. These same issues can happen with Etizest and this is likely the reason many USA vendors get underpowered Etilaam or Etizest tablets.

Using Etilaam Tablets for Research

Many of our research customers like the Etilaam pill form as the etizolam has already been portioned. The scientists can burn out the binders and fillers easily and have an easy way to research the compound without having to measure the hydrostatic raw powder 100’s of times. Also, the powder is often sourced from China and can be much lower purity than the etizolam isolated from the Etilaam pills.

History of Intas Etilaam Tablets

Intas Etilaam is a big player on the market. The overseas pharmaceutical giant has exported millions of these pills to countries in Europe and other continents where etizolam has been approved as a medication. Their biggest competitor is of course, Consern Etizest. Overall, Etizest has more of the market share regarding etizolam as a pharmaceutical. Both companies have been around for over a decade and have a reputation of quality etizolam.

Quality Control

To ensure we are not selling low quality Etilaam, we go direct to the source in India. We do not deal with small vendors. So far our researchers are very happy with our Etilaam and Etizest etizolam pills and we are happy to offer both of these quality products so researchers can pick for themselves.

If you at any time are not happy with our Etilaam pellets, please contact our support. We back all of our research products behind a 30-day money back guarantee. This is excellent due diligence on our part to ensure all are researchers get the purest quality Etilaam in their research projects. If you have further questions, please contact our friendly support staff at any time.

We are also proud to announce that we will price match the cost of any USA Etilaam vendor providing that the vendor is reputable and not selling underpowered or fake products. Your team will not find higher purity Etilaam 1 pellets at a finer price than at

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