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Etizolam Liquid Solution

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Many of our researchers are very fond of our etizolam solution. This is simply because it is conveniently packaged for storage and can be used for research applications at any time. Our etizolam solution is suspended in propylene glycol – a very stable ethanol-based solution. We choose this medium to suspend our etizoalm solution in due to it great dissolving properties and idea viscosity.

Creating you Own Etizolam Solution

It is a true that a researcher could make their own etizolam solution out of raw powder. In order to do this, once must need an extremely accurate scale along, with gloves, tweezers and a reliable calibration weight. You can purchase raw 99%+ etizolam powder from our shop and pick up a bottle of PG solution to do this yourself.

The milligram scale is certainly the most important factor when creating etizolam solution. Do not spend any less than $29.99 on a quality milligram scale or you may end up with significant discrepancies in your measurements which may throw off your research.

Most etizolam solutions have a rate of 1 mg PG to 1 mg etizolam. This is a desirable ratio that many choose to utilize in their studies. With this said, higher concentrations can be created to make a more potent solution.

Shelf Stability of Etizolam Solution

Our 1 mg per 1 ml etizolam solution is conveniently stored in 1 ounce glass amber jars. They can be refrigerated or stored at room temperature. Both storage methods will ensure that our etizolam solution is kept stable for up to 18 months. All of our solutions are stored in amber glass bottles to avoid heat and light degradation. Each bottle also contains a child safety resistant cap to avoid tampering by children and pets.

How to Measure Etizoalm Solution

Our etizoalm solution is conveniently measured so you don’t have to worry about inconsistency between batches. Each 1 fl. ounce bottle contains 30 mg of high grade etizolam powder. The etizolam powder is fully dissolved in the PG solution so you do not have to worry about stirring it or shaking.
The most convenient way to dispense the liquid is to use a plunger syringe and measure out the desired amount for your research.

Solution vs. Powder vs. Pellets

Every researcher will have their own personal preferences when it comes to which type of etizolam they wish to research. They each have their positives and drawbacks. Etizolam powder is cheap but the time and effort to prepare it as a solution or measure is a hassle. It can also be quite a bit more hazardous especially if the powder is found in the wrong hands.

The solutions and capsules are great options for beginner researchers who are not yet comfortable using HPLC or a high accuracy scale. So if you are a first time researcher, we strongly suggest you go with the etizest/etilaam pills or the etizolam solution before researching the powder.
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