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WARNING: This product is sold strictly as a research compound only. THIS PRODUCT CAN BE DANGEROUS OR FATAL IF CONSUMED. Consuming etizolam powder could lead to fatal consequences especially when mixed with other drugs and supplements. By purchasing you agree to our terms of service and that you are at least 18 years of age. All information relating to the pharmacological effects of etizolam and our products is NOT intended to promote consumption and is for educational purposes only. Handle this product at your own risk.


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Etizolam powder is a very popular selection amongst researchers. It is a versatile study material that can be used for many applications. You can rest assured that with our powder you will be getting top quality research materials in the business. Our etizolam powder is lab tested within the USA so you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product for your studies.

Etizolam Powder Properties

Etizolam as a powder is highly hydrostatic. It will cling to bags and materials very easily. This makes dispensing from bags and apparatuses extremely difficult. When emptying the contents of your etizolam from the bag, you may find it easy to lose up to 10-15% of the material. This is why at we add extra etizolam to make up for the discrepancy

Etizolam powder itself is not soluble in water. If you attempt to dissolve in water, you may find the powder clumps and sticks to the surface. This of course, is not good for research applications. On the contrary, etizolam powder is also not soluble in a fat either, unless that fat source contains some form of ethanol base.
Dissolving Etizolam Powder in Ethanol

When creating an etizolam solution out of its powder form, it is imperative to find the right medium. Any alcohol-based medium will do but some are much more suited than others. The type of ethanol; and the viscosity of the solution are the two most important factors when suspending etizolam powder in a solution. Another very important factor to consider is the stability of the suspension material. Dissolved etizolam powder may break down faster in a certain medium.

Propylene Glycol & Etizolam Powder

Propylene Glycol (PG) seems to be the preferred medium for dissolving etizolam powder. It is very stable and can handle various temperatures. Its high viscosity also allows for easy dissension and storage of etizolam solution.
If you make the decision to compound etizolam powder in PG solution yourself, it is of best practice to store the solution in glass jars as preferred to plastic. Certain types of plastics and interact with the etizolam molecule and result in a loss of potency.

There are a range of other solutions researchers can dissolve their etizolam solution in. Other types of alcohol solutions will work just as well but PG is the golden standard in compounding. Which solution desired to be suspended in will rely solely on the researcher and the researcher’s specific needs for the project.

If you are an avid chemist, you should have no problem dissolving etizolam in a solution. It is imperative to purchase a lab-grade scale. Cutting costs on a scale could have dire consequences and result in an off-balanced solution. Most lab-grade milligram scales range for $29.99 USD and up. We recommend to purchase a milligram scale from a trusted store and plan to spend at least 30 dollars’ minimum to ensure an accurate measurement apparatus.

Storing Etizolam Powder & Solution

Proper storage of etizolam powder and solution is especially important. Make sure to avoid excess sunlight and heat. Both the powder and solution should last in excess of 18 months however, improper storage can result in a breakdown of the etizolam molecule.

The best way to store either form is to store away from excess heat and sunlight. Store at room temperature and make sure to keep the product locked away from children and pets. Etizolam is poisonous and can cause overdose or death if consumed in large enough quantities.

Some researchers prefer to store etizolam powder and solution in the freezer or fridge. This is not necessary as the compound should stay shelf stable providing excess temperature, moisture and light is avoided. Our etizolam solution is stored in amber jars to help protect from light and heat degradation. Our etizolam powder is vacuum sealed in plastic bags and resealed in aluminum foil bags for further specimen protection.

If you are a private researcher looking for etizolam research products, please check out our store as we carry all types of etizolam products including: powder, solution and branded etizest-1 and etilaam-1 pellets in original blister packaging.

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