Everything You Wish To Know About Etizolam

Talk about the topmost anxiety and stress relief drugs today and Etizolam is one of the most voted options today. It can be defined as a powerful psych-active healing drug that works somewhat like benzodiazepine hypnotic –anxiolytic derivatives. It has been in use in Japan, India, Italy and lately is embraced by the UK & American health and fitness world as well.

The post below offers insights on some of the major aspects of Etizolam.

How does Etizolam function?

Etizolam works by targeting GABA neurotransmitter in our brain where it calms down the brain which in turn ensures a serene environment for the user. The drug promises strong muscle relaxation by calming down your spinal cord- which greatly helps to reduce the tension and anxiety fits. Given its anxiolytic & antidepressant properties Etizolam tablets or powder would be useful in the treatment of both anxiety & depression. Besides, Etizolam has also shown to ease painful symptoms of cervical spondylosis, cancer pain and lumbar disease. One of the best bits about Etizolam that keeps it ahead of other forms of benzodiazepine derivatives is that the drug holds lesser potential to cause rebound anxiety attack on the medication withdrawal. Thus, it is always safer to use.

What can Etizolam do?

As Etizolam helps to put stress and anxiety to rest, it can be of great help in treating insomnia. Besides, the drug also takes care of some major secondary psycho-somatic issues like hypertension, headache and IBS.

Etizolam dosage

You must ask your doctor for the Etizolam dosage. It’s generally suggested to have 0.25-0.5 mg twice a day daily if you are suffering from anxiety issues. In case of panic disorders, the dosage would be 0.5 mg. However, the dosage is little higher for patients down with insomniac issues and it would be something like 1-2 mg daily, during bedtime. But then again, in no way, you should take more than 3-5 mg Etizolam as otherwise there could be serious side effects. One Etizolam course is usually prescribed for 12 weeks. But then again, you must not discontinue your Etizolam treatment without your doctor’s permission and always get a thorough medical checkup to see whether you are compatible with Etizolam before buying it.

You must be wondering whether you would take a double dose in case you unmindfully skip on a dose someday. Well, in that case, you must take the tablet immediately as you remember it but then if you have already reached the next day- skip it. No chance of double dose with Etizolam.

Etizolam storage

When it comes to storing Etizolam, you should preferably store in room temperature, away from direct sunbeam, heat and moisture- and also away from pets and kids. The needed temperature for optimum storage of the drug is 20 – 25°C.

There are several online stores that sell Etizolam today. But not all such stores can be trusted and hence you must take a comparative study on at least 3-4 potential names before you buy. The one you go for should be a highly reputed name in the market.

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