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Please note that our products are strictly prohibited for human consumption. We also cannot ship our products to 6 USA states and several countries. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

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We carry both the Etizest, Etilaam and Etilof brands. Our etizolam tablets are sourced directly from the original manufacturers. Even though these tablets are in pill form, they are not intended for human consumption. Please read our terms of service carefully before purchasing.

There are several Etizolam vendors in the USA however, we guarantee to beat them in price and quality. Our company takes great pride in supplying your research operation with the highest quality etizolam products at the best prices.


Etizolam is a thienotriazolodiazepine which is of great interest to private and commercial research groups. Although a thienotriazolodiazepine, it has similarities to the benzodiazepine class of drugs.

Etizolam works identically to most benzodiazepines by acting as a positive allosteric modulator at the benzodiazepine GABA-A receptor. By attaching to the benzodiazepine GABA site, Etizolam enhances the signal of GABAergic transmission. It is this enhancement of transmission at GABA-a receptor sites that causes etizolam’s range of pharmacological effects.

Some have suggested etizolam to have antidepressant effects, which may or may not be related to the GABAergic mechanism. This is of great interest to independent researchers. Many researches have interest in etizolam because it is in a rare class that is similar to benzodiazepines. As the interest in the thienotriazolodiazepine class grows, there is likely to be more intensive research involving this compound.


Etizolam works similarly to other benzodiazepines and should not be consumed. In several international countries, etizolam has been prescribed as a pharmaceutical drug under brand names: Etizest, Etilaam and many others. In the USA, etizolam has not been approved by the FDA and legal to obtain for research purposes (in most states). It is unlikely to get approved anytime soon and still falls into the category of a research chemical.

Using our products for human or animal consumption is strictly prohibited. We screen all of our customers to ensure our products do not get into the wrong hands. If you are concerned someone has consumed etizolam, please call poison control immediately. Signs of overdose may include: stumbling, slurred speech, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, coma and death. Please keep our products stored safely.

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If you are interested to purchase our products, please read our terms of service thoroughly. We are confident that our lab-grad products will meet the needs of our clients. All of our products come with a full money-back guarantee if it does not meet the quality expectations. You can read our FAQ page to learn more about our policies, shipping rules and other common questions.


We ship to all USA states except where etizolam has been deemed illegal. We ship internationally providing it is not illegal in the country, however it is up to the the customer to keep updated with local laws. If you are ordering internationally and don’t see your country available at checkout, we will not be able to ship there.

Etizolam and any etizolam-containing products are banned in 12 states; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia. We DO NOT ship to these states.

As etizolam abuse grows, other states will likely follow suite. This is a reason we have strict screening policies for our research clients. Please read our terms of service for more information about our policies.

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At we take great pride in our customer service and return policy. You can return the product within 30 days of receiving your order if you are not fully satisfied. Our etizolam is of top quality and we are confident that our researchers will be happy with their order. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and one of our staff members will assist you with the refund. Credit card refunds can take several days to show on your credit card statement. Bitcoin orders will be refunded instantly.

Etizolam is becoming more and more popular all over the USA and Canada. With that in mind, more and more fly-by-night companies are popping up all over the internet. It is important to do your own research, not only in your own labs but on the suppliers you are sourcing your research chemicals from. Always make sure you are buying from reputable and legit companies.  Another Verified Canadian Etizolam Vendor is Etizolam Supply Canada Inc. Using companies like Etizest-1 and Etizolam Supply will provide you with safe and consistent products. Once you have chosen a company to work with, we would suggest to stick with them and you won’t regret it.